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Czech family company with many years of tradition, dealing with recycled cable PVC since 1993.
Among its products, you can find floorboards, road marking components, and much more.

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Concerts of the music group Kabát

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The Regensburg Lecture – Regensburg

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Národní výstava EXPO „Biel 2002“, Švýcarsko

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Mnichovský olympijský stadion

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70. výročí vylodění v Normandii

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Products used:

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Company Replast

We are a family company with a long-standing tradition, engaged since 1993 in the processing of recycled cable PVC. Our base and production can be found in the west bohemian metropolis – Pilsen, where 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, we produce a wide portfolio of products with an even wider range of uses.

All products are made from 100% recycled cable PVC, which is processed and imported for Replast by their sister company Recyklo.

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20. May

Boards for the Mountain Rescue Service

The Mountain Rescue Service helps where it is needed, and we, in turn, helped them create facilities that make their work easier😊

We wish them well with the boards and hope there will be as few reasons for rescues as possible.

Perforated boards 124 were used to create the flooring, and smooth ball boards 121 were used to clad the walls.

We used car stops somewhat unconventionally to create guiding strips.

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25. April

Cable bridge small

How to deal with obstructive cables? Are you constantly tripping over them, and is their arrangement chaotic? We have a simple and safe solution for you. Our small cable bridges can be easily connected into various lengths and shapes and can also be color-coded to be clearly visible on the ground.

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10. October

Rychlá a funkční rekonstrukce dojírny

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